Escape Game Master promotes and is characterised by a strong spirit of collaboration among its customers and participants, with the aim of creating value, fostering constructive dialogue, making common cues, ideas and suggestions. Loyalty, fairness and honesty are fundamental elements that must characterize the relationship between the participants and between us and them. By participating you share these principles and you pledge in particular to comply with the following guidelines.

Access to the escape room laboratory requires the payment of a monthly fee and is guaranteed as long as this fee is regularly paid. For promotional purposes we provide free access to a preview of the escape room laboratory, where we publish a small subset of the contents, or, alternatively, we send them by email. We reserve the right to close the free preview of the lab to adopt other forms of promotion.

New puzzle designs, new articles and in general new content related to the design and development of puzzles are periodically published inside the laboratory. The minimum periodicity of publication of the content is not rigidly established, but we undertake to publish new content every week.

The escape room laboratory provides discussion groups to comment about everything is related to escape rooms, share ideas and suggestions and to dialogue with the puzzle developers.

All the contents published in the past are also available in the escape room laboratory until the date of subscription.For promotional purposes it is our intention to make some content published before the subscription date available to new subscribers. However, we reserve the right to restrict access to the full historical archive making it available only by purchasing an access ticket.

The"Game Documentation" is sold for informational purposes only, and does not come with a license to build and operate the game.

Customers who want to build and operate a game must additionally buy a "License to Operate" the game, which is sold separately at a price that depends on the area of exclusivity they want to keep for themselves.

If a customer purchases a "License to Operate" a game with a specific exclusivity radius from a certain location, no other customer can purchase a license for the same game for a location with an exclusivity area that overlaps with the one already licensed.

All sales of escape room "Game Documentations" and "Licenses to Operate"  are final.  We cannot provide a return/refund policy due to the nature of the products sold. We invite our customers to evaluate the quality of our offer requiring free puzzle designs and asking us about any details they want to be clarified in advance.

The only exception is when purchasing a "License to Operate" for a location which has already been licensed. In this case the price of the "License to Operate" will be refunded, while the price payed for the "Game Documentation"  will be returned in the form of a coupon for the purchase of "Game Documentation".

The "Game Documentation" packages consist of documentation and digital files that can be downloaded online. It’s the customer’s responsibility to purchase the material and to build the puzzles.

We put all our effords in designing games that are safe to build and operate. Nevertheless you agree that we can’t be held responsible for any accidents that may occur at your location while building or operating the escape room.

All puzzle designs, escape room games and all the rest of the contents are made available to the participants for personal use only. Customers and partecipants have the right to use these contents for the development of their own games.

No commercial use is permitted. That means: in no event may the content be resold, distributed, marketed, in a single or aggregated form. The distribution or publication, also free of charge, is not permitted, except by express authorization.

The dialogue between the participants must be characterized by a spirit of mutual collaboration and by the belief that making common experiences, suggestions and ideas creates value for the whole community.

Criticisms and personal opinions are welcome, provided that they are always expressed in a constructive manner and are aimed to provide a contribution that everyone can benefit from.

Offensive attitudes, rudimentary and vulgar forms of expression, deliberately provocative attitudes are not allowed. We reserve the right to remove from the community those who violate these basic principles of education and fairness.

The dialogue must be focused on published content, to share ideas, suggestions, experiences. It will not be allowed to publish content out of theme, promotion of other initiatives, links to other sites that are not expressly aimed at adding value to the discussion.