Puzzle Pack N.8

This package contains 8 Escape Room Puzzle Designs, created by our Game Designers, accompanied by a detailed description, the solution to the puzzle and clear and beautiful illustrations, crafted with love by our Graphic Artist.

Inputs and outputs to and from the puzzles are also specified, so that you can combine several of them to create a complete scenario.

You can preview each puzzle by clicking on "read-more". The full content will be available immediately by purchasing the puzzle pack.

The Puzzles Designs contained in this package are the following

Magic is Might

The players find themselves in a workshop of a wizard and an alchemist, who have figured out a secret to produce the philosopher’s stone. Now the players have a chance to recreate the wizard’s experiment and get their hands on the most prized magical item there is, but will they be able to?

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Arcane Math

This time, the players find themselves in front of the doors of an ancient temple of arcane mathematicians, a unique and long forgotten order. The doors are sealed, but all the players need to do to get in is to solve an ancient equation. Will they be able to?

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Measuring Palms

This time, the players find themselves in a secret temple of the wizards cove. They need to figure out how to perform a ritual they know nothing about and how to use the palms of their hands to do so.

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Spirit Box

The players probably know what a ouija board is. But they never sow the Spirit Box, which is a device that tells you what word you must communicate to the ghost in order to create a connection with the other world. The players will have to use this mystical device to figure out how to talk to the spirits if they dare, of course.

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Alien Machine

The players are stuck in an alien ship. Can they figure out how to power it up to get away? There are weird holes in the wall that emit unearthly sounds, and the engine is somehow connected to it, but how? Understanding alien logic might be difficult.

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Madman’s Music

Our chief mad scientist in the lab has a weird taste in music. He plays it sometimes, hitting the bust of Newton with plastic tubes. But I suspect there’s something more to the tune he always plays; perhaps there is some kind of code.

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Letter Roller

The players will be using “abs rollers,” an instrument for training the abdominal muscles, in a way hardly expected by the inventors of this instrument. The players have several rollers and a number of lines that cover the walls and floor of the room. Can they figure out a way to use the rollers and the lines to open a locked door?

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Labyrinth of Numbers

The players are facing a labyrinth that is drawn on the wall. There are squares and flashing lights. And all the players have are several wooden pieces to make sense of this jumble of lines. They somehow need to find the code for the lock in this mess.

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