Puzzle Pack N.5

This package contains 8 Escape Room Puzzle Designs, created by our Game Designers, accompanied by a detailed description, the solution to the puzzle and clear and beautiful illustrations, crafted with love by our Graphic Artist.

Inputs and outputs to and from the puzzles are also specified, so that you can combine several of them to create a complete scenario.

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The Puzzles Designs contained in this package are the following

Keep up the Rhythm

A player on Side 1 of the wall has a monitor that shows a man stomping his feet and clapping and snapping to create some sort of rhythm. There’s no audio, so to really hear the rhythm, players need to repeat the movements of the man in the video. On the other side of the wall, there is a drum and a bell. Claps on the video represent hitting the bell, and stomping represents hitting the drum. So a player from side 1 must communicate the rhythm to the player on side 2. If the player on side 2 creates the right beat with the bell and the drum, the radio starts to work.

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Extrasensory Test

Two players are standing on opposite sides of a wall. They can’t see each other. On one side of the wall, there are big buttons with portraits on them. On the other side of the wall, there are smaller copies of these portraits, placed in a different order. The portraits on side two light up one by one and the player on side one must push the corresponding button. They evidently need a way to communicate which button to press. When 8 buttons in a row are correctly pushed, the test stops and a voice of the Chief-Psychic reads out the hint for the next puzzle.

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Feel the Music

There are holes on the inner side of the walls of an enclosure. Some holes are connected to the pumps outside the enclosure. Players need to figure out which pump is connected to which hole on the walls. The pumps are all colored, and there is a set of pins colored the same way. Will they find a way to figure out the connections ?

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Resistance Test

Players know the order in which the ingredients must be added to the mix in a chemical mixer. The elements are already there in the machine and can’t be reached. There are ten buttons on the machine, one for each ingredient, so players must push the buttons in the right order. There are spheres in the room, which are samples of each material, that players can touch and see they all feel different: some softer, some harder, some with grooves and some not. The buttons of the machine have the same characteristics, so players can see which button corresponds with which sphere.

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Alien Rebels

Players need to assemble an apparatus, made of 8 pieces. Each piece is marked with one or two alien words. Together the words make a phrase, so players must discover what the phrase is to put the elements in the right order.
There are eight pieces of video, in which a general makes a speech and the crowd chants a rebel motto – the phrase the players need. Using posters, leaflets and protest signs players can figure out what the views of the general are. Knowing they can play pieces of the video in the right order and hear the rebel motto.
When they assemble the apparatus, it glows and gives a visual hint for the next puzzle.

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Giant Lock

Players must open a door, using a panel with huge buttons. The buttons are located all over the wall so it would require several players to push them all at once. But first, they must figure out which buttons they need to push, finding hints in the video recording.

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Shooting Range

Players find themselves on the shooting range. They can choose one of two training modes: “free” or “blind.” To finish the test and open the weapons locker they must pass both tests.
Players are equipped with infrared guns that will be used to shoot the cutouts of the different monsters that are hanging on the walls. In the “free mode” the cutouts will light up, so players can clearly see the target. In the “blind mode,” they will only be able to hear the sounds the monsters make and must figure out which monster is attacking them.

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Broken Pipe

A transparent pipe that travels along the walls of the room. At one end there is a big slingshot, fixed to the floor. Using this slingshot, a ball can be sent into the pipe. At the other end inside the pipe, there is a key. The goal is to knock it out of the pipe using the ball. The problem is that the pipe has several holes in it. To get the ball to the end of the pipe, the players must use the special poles with plates at the end of them that can serve as missing pieces of the pipe.

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