Puzzle Pack N.3

This package contains 8 Escape Room Puzzle Designs, created by our Game Designers, accompanied by a detailed description, the solution to the puzzle and clear and beautiful illustrations, crafted with love by our Graphic Artist.

Inputs and outputs to and from the puzzles are also specified, so that you can combine several of them to create a complete scenario.

You can preview each puzzle by clicking on "read-more". The full content will be available immediately by purchasing the puzzle pack.

The Puzzles Designs contained in this package are the following

Another Dimension

One of our researchers disappeared yesterday. And it wasn’t our mundane weekly alien abduction. No, he turned on an inter-dimensional transportation device and, you got it, transported himself into another dimension. The problem is – he wasn’t supposed to do that. He doesn’t have means to come back. But we do. All we need is to turn this transportation device on and open the door to another dimension. Then we can find and rescue our colleague.

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This riddle challenge the players on a simple dexterity game, with a twist. They will be required to hit some targets with a ball, then calculate the score they got. This riddle is nice as a warm up (really!) or to have idle players some funny distraction.

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Steph - Telepathic Switch - Featured Image

Telepathic Switch

This machine was used by telepathic creatures, as some of its mechanisms aren’t very comfortable to use for us. But we must still try to turn it on. Because this machine stores memories and there’s one specific memory we need to find to figure out: how to open the Temple Of Doom (don’t worry, we know it sounds ominous, but there is almost no possibility of a worldwide catastrophe… 20% at maximum!).

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Ark of Noah

Our Enigmist woke up from a chaotic dream… a great flood was coming to submerge all lands, and all animals formed a line to reach the ark… yes, but who goes first? “Heavier first!” said the hyppo. “It will be easier for smaller animals to settle in, if we do this way.”
Maybe it is easier said than done, if you don’t have a scale.

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Musical Lockpick

The players need to understand how a strange lockpicking tool works. The tool is something like two xylophone-like instruments, with strange symbols depicted on them. They surely must be somehow used to open the 10-button lock that holds the doors of the a cabinet shut.

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Anomaly Detector

The players have established a video feed with their colleague on the north pole, the one that is studying anomalies there. All other lines of communication are busted, and this one, well, is less than ideal. They can see the guy, but they can’t really understand what he’s saying. And he can’t hear or see them. Before the audio went dead, he said he needs them to turn on his inventions, that is standing in the lab. This way he can transmit the results of his tests to them. Then they’ll have the chance to analyze it and have some information on the anomalies on the pole.

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The detective worked day and night to track down all the criminal chart, and he was so close to spot the hideout of each and every member of the organization. But two goons broke into the detective’s office and blew all the reenactment. How lucky was the detective, he had notes hidden in several places in his office. Now it’s our turn to follow the detective’s clues and find the correct spots on the map.

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Haunted House

Players find themselves in the corridor of a haunted house with 10 doors. Ringing the doorbells of the first 9 apartments, they must figure out the names of the ghosts who live inside each of them, placing the plaques with the names of the ghosts on the right doors. When do that correctly, the door of the 10th apartment opens up.

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