Puzzle Pack N.2

This package contains 8 Escape Room Puzzle Designs, created by our Game Designers, accompanied by a detailed description, the solution to the puzzle and clear and beautiful illustrations, crafted with love by our Graphic Artist.

Inputs and outputs to and from the puzzles are also specified, so that you can combine several of them to create a complete scenario.

You can preview each puzzle by clicking on "read-more". The full content will be available immediately by purchasing the puzzle pack.

The Puzzles Designs contained in this package are the following

Singing Wall

There is a strange wall in the room, with 12 big wormholes on both sides. You can insert a hand inside the holes and notice that they are twisting and bending inside the wall. It is said this is a singing wall, but it’s no longer playing any sound. Perhaps it’s because one side of the wall is damaged. We need to repair the wall; we need to hear the song!

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Otherwordly Game

Players need to unlock a mysterious box. What seems the locking mechanism of the box is composed of a sequence of 5 symbols and 10 labeled buttons. But the symbols on the labels are all worned out, expept two. Which button to press to open the lock? The answer may be found while playing a game from another world. A game that awards points to players, displaying them on a screen in weird symbols.

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Story Time

The players find multiple talking toys in the room. Pulling a strings, coming out from the toys, the toys tell a few meaningless words. But perhaps there is a mysterious message to be discovered. But how?

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Golem Fight

A golem-dummy has been build, as close as possible to the real thing, in the attempt to find a way to defeat the monster. Now it’s time to find out the weak spots of the giant and send the results of the research to the scientists in trouble on the field. Will they be able to defeat the feast?

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PhilisophersStone - Featured Image

Philosopher’s Stone

An ancient alchemical instrument and instructions to build the mytical philisopher’s stone. But which are the right ingredients? And which is the exact right procedure to make the instrument work?

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An ancient and mysterious apparatus with six cables coming out from the body of the machine and plugged into six sockets. A panel on the wall with six rotary switches and greek letters. There must be a connection between the two objects. Perhaps the key to activate the apparatus?

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Eye Exam

A telescope with a laser pointer, a transparent star map, a Snellen chart. What are the players supposed to do with these objects ? Perhaps those constellations somehow hide a secret message ?

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Deep Trance

You need to wake-up the scientists from their hypnotic state. But which are the sounds will wake them up? Will you be able to solve the shaman’s puzzle ?

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