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Test Audience

The players need to restore an old cult classic movie. They have all the scenes, but the order in which they must go is not obvious. Luckily, they have director's notes for each scene and a video of the first screening of the movie. Unfortunately, they can't see the movie itself on the video. But they can figure out the order of the scenes by the audience reaction.

Award Winning Films

The ghost of the worst movie director in history has trapped some of the players in the projection room and movie hall. He won’t let them go until he gets his well-deserved (as he thinks) Oscars for the three movies of which he’s most proud. The ghost is projecting scenes of these movies on the screen for the players in the movie hall to see. Meanwhile, the players in the projection room can't see the clips projected, but they have three Oscar statuettes; and to praise the ghost, they must put the right film names on the awards. The problem is the players do not know the names of those horrible movies? Surely, the players can figure it out, even if they're in different rooms.

Ancient Cubes

Players have several tiles in front on the floor of them: some of the tiles are blue, and four are yellow. Two yellow tiles have a golden symbol embedded in them, and three have grooves in which golden elements can be inserted. Players have these elements, but they don't know what symbol needs to be on the tiles. To figure it out, the players must use giant cubes that fit on the tiles perfectly. On the sides of the cubes are grooves for the symbols, including the ones from the two yellow tiles. Players must connect the groover side of the cube with the protruding symbol on one of the yellow tiles and then roll the cube, following the blue tiles, to the yellow tiles that have no golden symbols. The side that will be on the bottom of the cube when it reaches the empty tile will tell the player what symbol must be embedded in.

Warm Hands

The players have a mural that depicts the hierarchy of goddesses that the shamans worship. Every tier of this hierarchy consists of a couple female goddesses. The puzzle itself is a wall with 10 protruding stones. The stones are black, and their size is about 50x50 cm. The stones are covered with thermochromic paint, so when players touch the stones, the dark paint becomes translucent, revealing a picture underneath. The pictures are 10 portraits of goddesses. Judging by pieces of godly attributes that are present in the portraits and are fully visible in the mural, the players can figure out which goddesse is which. Then, they must push the stones in the hierarchical order, from the most powerful couple of goddesses to the least powerful ones. When they do, a projection appears on the wall, showing a hint for the next puzzle.

Fuel Mix

There are 15 barrels in front of the players, some of which are empty, half full, and filled to the brim. They need to find the three correct barrels and connect them to the time machine using thick tubes. To do that, the players use the notes left by the scientists. The players will have to find all half-filled and full barrels by knocking on them; and among the barrels they've found, they must find the ones that smell a certain way. The players connect the right barrels to the time machine, and it starts to work.

Lying Machine

There is a machine with 25 lights in it. The machine can be made to diagnose its own state. It makes 9 statements about the temperature of its parts, the state of the CPUs, etc. Players can examine the machine and fact check all the statements. Three of them are false. When the machine makes a statement, a number of lights turn red - this shows which personality clusters are used when making this statement. Players need to find 3 clusters (3 lights) that are only used while lying. When they find it, they can turn them off. After that, the machine can be made to give up its source code.