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There are tons of Escape Room Puzzle Designs waiting for you in the lab. And all of them are created with love and passion, are full of detailed descriptions and outstanding illustrations.
Here are the abstract of the last puzzles published. But you'll find much, much more. And we keep writing new ones!

Labyrinth of Numbers

The players are facing a labyrinth that is drawn on the wall. There are squares and flashing lights. And all the players have are several wooden pieces to make sense of this jumble of lines. They somehow need to find the code for the lock in this mess.

Tactile Alchemy

The players are facing a strange challenge: they need to sort through the alchemical ingredients and find the ones that will help them create the mystical Puzzle Potion. The problem that is they will not see the ingredients, so they will only have to rely on touch.

Pirate’s Best Friends

The players are in an apartment of an obsessed LARP. He is so obsessed with his pirate character that it seems he slowly becomes the pirate. At least he says he is. Now the players need to open a lock in his "pirate den," and the clue to figuring out the password lies with replicas of antique weapons.

Talking Knots

The players receive a message which discusses a sequence of numbers encrypted in knotted ropes. They have a crumpled piece of paper with knotted ropes drawn on it. They also find a book and three different figurines with inscriptions which read “PAGE”, “LINE”, “WORD”. There must be a connection. But how to figure that out?

Parrots and Pirates

The players need to measure a coiled rope, but pirates use completely different units of measure. They usually refers to sharks, rum barrels and parrots. Will the players be able to understand how to use these uncommon measuring tools?

Blind Game

This ancient alien game is impossible to win, or so the aliens think. They can't understand how someone can figure out the value of the things hidden inside a pouch that you can't open or see through. But our young players are humans, and humans have some tricks alien's don't know about.


Yes, you read that well. We want democratize the access to high quality Escape Room Designs and help you on the way to building and running your successfull Escape Room. According to that, all our members have access to one complimentary Escape Room Design every four months. That's a big saving, as our Escape Room Designs are also sold separately.

The first game is available immediately after subscription. Members can choose the games they prefer from the catalogue and get immediate access to it.

Please note that if you want to build and operate the game, you need to obtain a "License to Operate", which is sold at a price that depends on the area of exclusivity you want to keep for yourself. Prices are low, starting at 150$, and you could even get a free license being an active community member.

Splitting the "Game Documentation" from the "License to Operate", gives all our members the opportunity to read several Escape Room Designs while obtaining only the license to operate the game they want to build.


Man in the Fog 2 - The Collector


The infamous killer is still on the loose. He kidnaps people in the middle of the night. He tortures and kills them. They call him «The Collector» for the gruesome trophies he takes every time he kills. What kind of trophies? Police keep this disturbing information a secret. But you have a chance to find out the truth for yourself. You have been captured, handcuffed and brought to an abandoned shed. The killer will come back in 20 minutes to finish you off. Will you be able to get away in time?



You've spent several years in search of the lost city of Atlantis. The working theory is that the city didn't really sink. It was submerged on purpose to escape a volcanic eruption. Sure, most people deem this theory to be too fantastical. But all your findings suggest you are right in thinking that the people of Atlantis were technologically advanced enough to pull this off. And now you have finally found the city itself! It's there, on the bottom of the ocean. It's the discovery of the century, no less. Now, just get into your submarine and find out what awaits you in the ancient sunken city.

Cowboy - Wild Wide West


You are a team of bandits-losers, decided to rob the saloon in Salt Lake City. But this city is totally under control of the local cool sheriff. Someone called him while you was trying to rob the saloon. You pretend to be holding a a hostage the owner of the saloon, who is actually not in town and will come back in an hour. So, you have only 60 minutes to find a way out of your trap, or your lies will be revealed. Escape or be arrested.

Surreal Room


Our space-agency must deal with a very delicate matter. Creatures from another plains of reality often come through our world on their way to some other one. They don't linger on the hearth, it's not the place where they can live. But sometimes things go wrong during their passing through. And the creatures get stuck. They deform the space in which they got tangled up, and the places usually look extremely weird. It's our job to help the creatures pass to another world, before people figure out that something strange is going on. Basically, we cover up the existence of multiple realities. Believe us, it's for the better.

Today we had another incident. An otherworldly being appeared in the center of the city. Up to now the situation is contained. But you need to go there and take care of this thing. The creatures are always trying to help, to communicate to us how we can help them. The problem is, they are extremely inhuman, so understanding them is always the hardest part.


Plenty of tutorials, guides, how-tos, faqs, tips and tricks to get you started on designing, building, running and growing your escape room business and make it work.


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Join a vibrant community of Escape Room Owners just like you, post your questions, enjoy the discussions, ask for opinions, share your ideas. Our Escape Room Designer are always around ready to help.


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