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Here are the abstract of the last puzzles published. But you'll find much, much more. And we keep writing new ones!

Mind Palace

The players get into a mind palace of a famous hustler in which they need to find out what his lucky "hand" is. They know it's series of cards that once won him his life back. And they need to find out more about the cards. But how ?

Stained Glass

The players are trying to figure out a way into the depths of an alien temple. They know it has something to do with the statues in the center of the hall that can be turned and moved. Maybe if they turn them correctly, will a secret door will open? It seems that the stained-glass windows hold the answer to that.

Strength Contest

The players find themselves in a feasting hall of the giants. It seems they had some sort of competition recently to see who is the strongest: giant hammers and nails are lying around. The players need to figure out who won the competition and who lost, but do they know how to do it?

Chain Reaction

The players need to take out damaged elements from a huge engine. The problem is that they don't know which elements these are and taking out the wrong ones will shut the machine off. The buttons on the machine are behaving in an interesting fashion, though. There must be a reason for this.

Magic is Might

The players find themselves in a workshop of a wizard and an alchemist, who have figured out a secret to produce the philosopher's stone. Now the players have a chance to recreate the wizard's experiment and get their hands on the most prized magical item there is, but will they be able to?

Arcane Math

This time, the players find themselves in front of the doors of an ancient temple of arcane mathematicians, a unique and long forgotten order. The doors are sealed, but all the players need to do to get in is to solve an ancient equation. Will they be able to?


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