Welcome in theĀ 2018 Escape Room Puzzle Vault. The Vault contains all the Escape Room Puzzle Designs published during year 2018.You can mix and match the puzzles to continuously improve your existing escape room or build a completely new one.

Each puzzle has an associated Round Table, where you can discuss the puzzle with other Customers and the Game Designers.


This is the complete list of puzzles published during year 2018. Enjoy reading the designs, and please let us know what you think about them. We look forward to your comments.

Team on the Bench

Will the players be able to catch the key inside the chest ? It seems easy, but it requires logic and coordination.

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The Ancient Artifact

A strange and ancient artifact will test the player’s logical abilities. Will they be able to open it and reveal its secrets ? They will need to identify light formations, sounds, and make logical association between them and the runes carved on the artifact.

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Lost in Antarctica

Our explorers got lost in Antarctica. We can rely on a couple of clues to follow their movements and send rescue units to the exact spots. Will we be able to save them ?

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Digital Dilemma

That LED display seems unmanageable, but there must be a way to make it display what we want! Will the players be able to figure out how ?

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Will players be able to get the cypher key projected ? Will they be able to use the key to open the box ?

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Uncharged Artifact

Players will need to find a way to fully charge an ancient artifact using energy modules. Will they be able to use their observation and logical association skills ?

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The Uncompleted Experiment

A puzzle requiring a lot of attention for details. The team will need to understand the exact steps taken by a scientist in conducting one of its uncompleted experiment. The scientist hid a secret code in the documentation of the experiment, but without understanding the chronological order of the action, none will be able to gain access to the code. Will our players be able to understand the sequence of the experiment?

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Are you able to memorize a sequence of 20 digits ? Probably not. But that’s what the players will be asked to do. And the solution is very easy! At least if they work together!

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Communicating Vessels

Some players are in one room, and have the knowledge needed to solve a puzzle. The other players are in another room. They need to solve the puzzle, but they don’t have the required knowledge. The two teams cannot communicate verbally to each other. How can they solve the puzzle? Will they be able to use pipes connecting the two rooms as a way to communicate? Will they be able to agree on a communication protocol?

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Shared Maze

The players are split into two adjacent rooms. A maze is built in the wall between two rooms, and each part of the team has access only to a part of it. An important item runs through the maze, and collaboration between the players is essential to recover it. Will they be able to solve the maze?

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